Change Your Water… Change Your World

Are You Drinking Bottled Water?

You Will Be Shocked To See How Much ACID
You Are Putting In Your Body With Every Swallow.

View Actual Tests and Processing Methods.



Natural Collagen
Natural Vitamin C
Light Lavender 
Aroma Therapy



We Even Remove The Harmful Effects Of Chemically Polluted Tap Water

Our Patented Sweetwater Shower System Is ONLY Available Here


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What in the cell is going on in your body?
Are you still drinking from plastic bottles?
Fighting disease, chronic illness and cancer.
Are you treating the symptoms or the cause?
A simple understanding of free radicals and antioxidants.

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  • I was skeptical but decided to try it and all I can say is wow. Alkaline water has changed the way we think about and use water on a daily basis. Highly recommended!!!

  • Alkaline water has done wonders for my gout. I would recommend an alkaline water machine to anyone and everyone. It really is a miracle device.